How to install WordPress on Amazon AWS

How to install WordPress on AWS Amazon Web Services

1. Visit
2. Register / log in if you already have an account
3. Select EC2 and Launch Instance
4. Search ‘WordPress’ in the AMI Amazon Machine Image Console
5. Install WordPress by Bitnami and Automattic
6. Select Free Tier Nano
7. Launch and Create your Key Pair (Pem file) – You will not be able to SSH into your instance without this
8. Launch and go to EC2 to view the instance.
9. Select the check box to the left side of the instance to view your IP address and DNS Information.
10. Follow the steps in the video to create a Static IP address for the instance.
11. Follow the steaps at the end of the video to locate your username and password credentials
12. To access the WordPress Admin area you will need to add “/wp-login” to the end of the IP address.

Click here to get started

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